Debiann Hyman

Meet the

Board President

As your new President on the Board of Directors, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you and this community. I accept this position with a humble heart and have every intention of keeping the well being and best interest of you and our community, as my focus. I want to express my sincerest appreciation for all of your encouragement and support.

My husband and I  have been a resident of Oracle, Arizona  for 2 years. We have fallen in love with this small community and all it offers as well as the people that represent it. I have a lot of roots in the surrounding areas, including my parents who lived in Oracle in the early 70's. My greatest blessings are my husband, daughters and grandchildren.  I love learning, reading, writing, organizing, decorating, camping, hunting and fishing. I am also a licensed and ordained minister. 

I would like to take this opportunity to share my vision of the Oracle Community Center and the role it plays in our community. The Community Center provides a central place to gather and to build ties that strengthen our unity and purpose. I want to promote and support the events within our community, as well as the events of the center. I am looking forward to working closely with  local businesses, churches, non-profits, committees, first responders and individuals; as we work together and cease this opportunity to make adjustments and improvements to further enhance what is already in place. 

I will serve you and this community, to the best of my ability.  My first priority is to restore trust and confidence within the community through integrity and accountability. I have already reorganized the board of directors with a  new panel of directors and officers.  We are currently in the process of  restructuring the bylaws,  committees and volunteer services. We also want to promote new  programs and activities that will foster growth within the community. We have an established senior group and we love them, but we want to also include our young families and teenagers as well. 

Our hope is to  create a culture  of unity within the community by making the Community Center the central place to gather.  In addition, we want to update the facilities both inside and out; making  it more welcoming and functional.  Change is not always easy but our goal is  that  with these  changes, the community will become more  involvement and unified.

Thank you again for all of the love and support! If you need to reach me, please call the office at 520-896-9326.  
I look forward to serving you!


Debiann Hyman