A Letter from your President

As we approach the end of 2017, I’m reminded of the recent catastrophic weather events and those affected by them. I’m proud to say that we are a community that does not sit on the sidelines watching as life passes us by. We freely give our time, energy and resources to those who are in need when it’s needed most. 

As the new President of the Oracle Community Center I am honored to ask for support of any kind to further our community outreach in Oracle and the rest of the Tri-Community, plus… I will always entertain suggestion(s) on how our outreach to the community can better bring about positive change by enhancing the lives of those we have the most contact with, our neighbors.

Some programs in the early development stage waiting further funding are: flower garden (with benches to sit and enjoy and placards to tell of the origins of the species), programs for our youth and the downtrodden, new signage with small business commercial ads, NFL ShowTime, Wake-up Oracle (sunrise viewing with coffee and donuts/bagels), art gallery with booths for our artist, “how-to” classes (computer, cell phones, etc.), community transportation, small business networking events.  Fundraisers: clean out your garage parking lot sale, our traditional bake sale, raffles and silent auctions as well as our annual Oaks Festival (April 21st, 2018) etc..

The Oracle Community Center is a 501 3C non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. 

Your donation will be acknowledged in our up-coming monthly newsletter, “Warm-Up to Oracle!”

Of course our building can be rented for weddings, receptions, baby showers, etc… Just give us a call for further information.

We sincerely thank you for your time and support!

JD Swille

Jerry "JD" Swille, President
Oracle Community Center
Cell:     (520) 272-7974
Office:  (520) 896-9326

Oracle Community Center