We enjoyed spending the day with members of the tri-community area! You made our 4th of July gathering a fun-filled day! Congratulations to the Bike Parade winners:
1st place: Max Raneri

2nd place: Madelyn Henry

3rd place: Raymond Guisinger


Connor Moreno found our unique piece of malachite & copper and won an awesome Super Soaker!


We'd like to give special thanks to the donors, organizations, and volunteers who stepped up to help shape this event! Together, we make great things happen!

Thank you to John Hernandez of the San Manuel Miner for taking time out of his holiday to take photos of our celebration!

The Patio Cafe


Pinal County Sherrif's  POSSE

Oracle Fire Department

OWN Oracle

Oracle Piano Society (OrCA)

Oracle Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (OARR)


Family First Pregnancy Care & Family Diaper Bank

The Gluten Girls

The Oracle Post Office

  • Steve Chavez & family

  • Sonny Romero

  • Quentin Branch

  • Ned Creighton

  • Sue & Jerry Parra

  • Julie Szekely

  • Ellie Brown

  • Alicia Bristow

  • Karen Lombardi

  • John Blair

  • Justin Palmer

  • Barbara Haas

  • Janise Wood

  • Lisa Trease

  • Maryann Truitt

  • Kathleen Garrett

  • The OCC Landscaping Committee

    • Charles LeFevre​

    • Fred Patterson

    • César Plaza

    • Jane Redman

    • Darrell Klesch

    • Steve Gutierrez

We appreciate Lou Wolgast and Arizona Zipline Adventures for vending!