The Many Lives of Coyotes

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There are be 9 Coyotes by 9 local artists to auction off to raise funds for the OCC. Each coyote was decorated in different medias. From painting to beading to ceramic glazing. They are each unique and one of a kind.

The minimum bid will be $75 with $10 bid increments. The approximate size of Coyote is 12 inches tall by 8 inches wide. Coyote with a bird on the nose will be 14" tall. These items can not be shipped. Arrangements will be made for pick up or delivery. We can accept Pay Pal or cash when you are ready to make your purchase.

Bids can be made online on the Discussion tab of our FB Auction Event page. Each coyote is posted individually. Post your bid in the comment section of the coyote you want to bid on. If you have any questions please call Laura at 928-242-2555, leave a message at the Center at 520-896-9326, or email

Coyotes will be available to view at our Taco Take Out on October 19th from 11am until 2:00pm. 

Artist:Sue Parra
Coyote Title: The Love Letter

Click on photo for larger view.

I guess I turned into a “crafter” in my old age!? I seriously used to make fun of my friends who crafted, like you have nothing better to do with your time? I not Love it and it is my therapy, especially collage art and painting furniture.

I couldn’t get a theme for him but...I used the Kindest Regards stamp, didn’t use ink but used paper clay. Painted it with Black Velvet chalk paint, layered the floral and insect transfers, and sealed it with clear and white wax.

Materials: Debi’s DIY chalk paint, wax, brushes, Iron Orchid Designs stamps, clay, molds, and transfers. Products sold at Sue and Jerry’s trading post. Sue’s art is also available for purchase at Sue and Jerry’s trading post in Oracle.

Artist: Elvia Schwenke
Coyote Title: Saguaro

Click on photo for larger view.

Elvia is a longtime Oracle resident, has worn many hats. Hope to continue to make my community a place of wonder. The coyote is a tribute to the majestic saguaro on her property. She says she marvels at the resident saguaro, especially when I see her feminine side with her crown
of saguaro fruit.

Artist: Michelle Feller
Coyote Title: Desert Night

Michelle has been a sculptor since she was a child.
When living in Seattle, she taught art to children and teens. Now living in Tucson she continues to develop her skills, sculpting faces and creating intricate vessels.

The design reflects the desert at night. The coyote howling
at the moon, the bats in the sky, the desert flora and fauna in the shadows. The process was mixed media with an emphasis on acrylic.

Click on photo for larger view.

Artist: Sue Armburst
Coyote Title: Classy Lassy

Click on photo for larger view.

Materials: low fire clay and underglaze
Inspiration: I normally gravitate towards bright bold colors
which usually works out well, yet the simplicity of the
black and white have the boldness of its own. As I sat with
this piece I had a sense of what it wanted to be; feminine,
elegant, spiritual, classy, and whimsical.

FaceBook page: Mudd Pie Creations
Contact information: 520-449-0183
See Sue’s art in her home by appointment.

Artist: Alicia Bristow
Coyote Title: Flower Garden

Click on photo for larger view.

Alicia is a multifaceted artist who enjoys making jewelry
and painting.


Flower Garden, watering not necessary. When asked to
paint the coyote I saw it as a white canvas that needed
color! The colors bloomed everywhere.
It is painted in acrylics. Poly-coated.

See jewelry and paintings at Ella Designs on FaceBook.

Artist: Doug Stiltner
Coyote Title: Wylie “The Colored Quilted Coyote”

Click on photo for larger view.

Doug has been interested in art all his life. When he saw the ladies working on this project he asked
“can I do one?” the answer was “of course”. He has
painted, done woodwork and ceramics. He will soon
be doing metalwork.

Inspired by all the colors of glazes that can be used in
ceramics today. The coyote has a beautiful pink beaded
necklace an owl, lizard, turtle, and dragonfly attached.

Materials: Low fire clay and glazes

Contact information: 928-242-2555

Artist: Laura Stiltner
Coyote Title: Coat of Many Colors

Click on photo for larger view.

Materials: Low fire clay and glazes

Laura’s art can be seen and purchased at:
Absolutely Art Gallery art and gifts in Catalina, Sue and Jerry’s Trading Post in Oracle, The Oracle Visitor Center, or at her home by appointment.


Laura is a local Oracle artist. She works with low fire clay and glazes. She does “one of a kind” pieces. Always whimsical, colorful, and fun.

Laura was inspired by what our world is going through. Friendship no matter how different we are can be a beautiful thing. No matter what color we are, what religion we believe, or what politics we practice we should always support each other.


Contact information. 928-242-2555

Artist: Theresa Poalucci
Coyote Title: Steampunk Meets Flair

Click on photo for larger view.

“Art is communication, creativity, and it provokes emotion.
You can say something with art that transcends language
and cultural restrictions. It can be serious or whimsical.
I especially like the diversity of art. There are as many
ways to express oneself creatively as there are stars in the
heavens. For me personally, art is the truest form of expression.”

Theresa currently shows at four art galleries in Tucson
and Tubac. She also sells her prints and Patio Jewels
on her website. She is both a painter and a sculptor,
and teaches classes on painting. Specializing in Pet Portraits.

Contact information: 206-255-4483

Artist: Carolyn Blair
Piece: Howling Purple

Click on photo for larger view.

I have always appreciated and enjoyed art, animals, and nature. Being both an artist and a lavender farmer, I am fortunate to be living my dream! I like painting in acrylics as well as watercolors. Crafting and coming up with different projects especially with animal and lavender themes is also fun! I am beginning a series of paintings with animals in the lavender so this was a continuation of that theme.

 Contact phone number- 520.820.3454


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