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Thank you...

The following folks need a big THANK YOU for taking over the OAKS Festival:


Oaks Festival Committee Chairs - Elvia Schwenke, Jim Pollack and Lisa Trease for taking the lead on this.

Our Committee heads

Lois Black, Pam Sanford (Parade)

Laurie Bryant (Vendors)

Sue Parra (Kids Corner)

Laura Stltner (Publicity and Go-to Gal)

Jim Pollack, Elvia Schwenke (Music)

Lisa Trease (Facilities)

Steve Chavez (Lunch)

Chuck LeFevre (Booth Space Marker)

Fred Patterson (Overall Go-to Guy)

also to:

Justin Palmer, Alicia Bristow, Zoomer & Paula, for helping make the 2019 Oak Festival a success..

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