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Board Meeting Agenda

OCC Board of Directors
Meeting Agenda

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Time:7pm Place of Meeting: OCC


  • Call to Order


  • Roll Call


  • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes


  • Old Business

  • Need a President

  • A former Board Member has requested to come back to the BOD. We had decided that they be a committee head before we would consider this. It hasn't been done.  Need a suggested committee for the Board Member. I did ask that they possibly do a newsletter for the OCC.

  • Possible Board of Directors Retreat.

  • What would this look like? Should we even do this? Make it part of planning meeting?


  • New Business

  • Cinco de Mayo lunch on Monday,  May 6. Already have food in freezer BOD to prepare with Steve's guidance, do something fun??  Pretend margaritas, Mexican music? Do we know anyone that would sing a couple of Mexican songs? Dress up? Etc.


  • July 4th planning and committee suggestions. Need a head start on this with permits, events, vendors, advertising, take what we learned from OAKS.


  • Laura not available May 7 to 15. Have BOD meeting without me or re-schedule?


  • Requirements of Board of Directors


  • What is required to be on the BOD from your perspective?

  • A requirement would be something like this:

  • Attending the BOD meetings.

  • Attending and helping with lunch.

  • Heading a committee

  • Answering emails and text

  • Have food handlers permit


  • Do you want to continue being on the BOD?

  • If not who should your replacement be?


  • Elections in June


  • 2019 Oaks Festival brief  recap - as the committee has not had wrap up meeting yet scheduled for next week.

  • The good, the bad, what we did right, what we could do better.


  • Past Officers


  • Activity chair? Form a committee.

  • Set up and schedule monthly art and music activities? Working with Brandon and funds from FAM fest. Need some ideas.


  • Other Discussion


  • Adjourn

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