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Donors Make the Difference!

Oracle Community Center's existing programs support many low income community memebers with health, wellness, and community involvement. Maintaining these programs, maintaining the site, increasing our offerings to the community, and carrying out business professionally is an expensive proposition!

Sponsors and donors make all the difference. Donate now, please.

Current Programs:

Monday lunches, Ta'i-Chi, Zumba, food bank, blood drive, Fun Van Early Reading, and community art classes

Community Center  Annual Celebrations Free of Charge to the Community:

  • Fourth of July parade & family activities

  • Thanksgiving dinner & take out to homebound community members

  • Christmas festivities, food, games, gifts for children, canned food giveaway


Historic Annual Oaks Festival, membership dues, hall rentals, donations

Wish List

  • Latch key kid/senior citizen after school program

  • Cooking programs & nutrition classes

  • Food programs for homebound and homeless community members.

  • Facilitate referral services

    • Mental health, addiction, medical and dental needs, youth at risk, financial aid, welfare, food stamps

Hire Paid Director & Assistant

  • Promoter & fundraiser for center

  • Implement & offer continuity of established programs

  • Encourage participation with other non-profits

  • Facilities management


  • Existing building upgrades

  • Safety & accessibility

  • Future building expansion

Donate now to help the Oracle Community Center keep up the good work!

The Oracle Community Center is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. All donations enter the General Fund unless specifically earmarked for a special project. Regular Treasurer's Reports and annual public fiscal information is available by request. Payments made via PayPal will receive receipts from PayPal. Payments made by check will receive receipts directly from the Oracle Community Center. 
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Thanks for your donation!

If you prefer to mail a paper check, just press "SUBMIT" to send your information without the online payment. Make checks out to "OCC" or "Oracle Community Center" and mail to PO Box 1382, Oracle, AZ 85623. Thank you!

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