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It is because of you, our Oracle Community Center members, that we are able to continue. We offer a clean, safe, and welcoming place to gather and enjoy friends and family. Unlike area community and senior centers, we do not receive any government funding or tax subsidies. We rely on your membership, income generated from hall rentals, and your donations to promote our mission.

Members receive notices on upcoming events with opportunities to join classes. 

Member Perks! 

- $50 discount on 4-hour hall rental

- $100 discount on full day hall rental

-One Free Lunch for an individual -OR- 2 free lunch tickets per family membership (new members & renewals)

We are a unique center. Upgrading the center is an ongoing project. The expenses for utilities, insurance, and maintenance continue as well.

Looking for other ways to get involved with the Oracle Community Center?

Click to volunteer online.

Enhancing our Community